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Festive events

Live the moment


The extraordinary events begin in extraordinary places. Are you deciding to celebrate your wedding at Casa Capsa? No detail is neglected, as our specialists will help you to organize your dream wedding, in a classic atmosphere with modern services, delighting you but also the guests.


The wedding requires an accurate preparation and coordination. Our experts support the planning process from the beginning until the end, with the greatest dedication and care for providing a perfect and unique event.

Our culinary team will delight you and our guests by dedicated menu, for each season, adapted to your individual specifications, accompanied by the most fine wines, cocktails and an extensive range of high quality spirits.



A child’s birth is a true gift in life. Enjoy and celebrate this moment with elegance and class that characterizes us, such spirit to be kept and brought ahead.


We can accomodate the organization of any kind of event, like classic and sumptuous weddings, personalized parties or private meetings.

  • ✫ Red Salon | 94 persons
  • ✫ Marble Salon | 54 persons + dance floor
  • ✫ Blue Salon | 60 persons
  • ✫ Madrigal | 16 persons
  • ✫ Patio | 6 persons

For important events we may offer the Restaurant Salon, composed by Red Salon and Marble Salon, together having a capacity of 148 persons with dance floor and stage for the band or DJ.

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